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Complex RNA Secondary Structure Prediction:
RNA Motif Classification Grammars Including Pseudoknots and Tandem Compliment Repeats

Why RNA Research?

RNA is the transporter of all genetic information within the cell. It is increasingly clear that RNA science is important not only to the basic understanding of how normal cellular machinery works, but also to aid in the design of treatments for many disease states. A large part of increasing our comprehension of the various roles RNA play in normal, and in disease states, pivots on an accurate representation   of the secondary structures it may form.

This is a computational informatics research site aimed at unique ways in which to discover new RNA family members and structures. Shape or structure, rather than nucleotide sequence is often more important in determining RNA molecular function. Sequence-homology comparisons, the tools most widely used today such as MSA methods and BLAST can not match the actual structures RNAs of a specific family may form. The theoretical and practical methods presented here search and match structure rather than looking for sequence to sequence homology.

If you are seeking specific structures, pseudoknots and tandem compliment repeats included, we can assist in your research with custom parsing of raw genetic sequences.

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